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Training programme

This linguistic-didactic-methodological project, aimed at the secondary school curriculum, has been developed within the memorandum of understanding between eni and the Italian Ministry of Education and complies with the requirements envisioned in the “digital school”, within a web 2.0 context.

Smartenglish consists of a “motivational approach” to be employed in class and via the web (blended mode) inside the autonomy of each individual school, to integrate the curriculum and support the recovery of missing English language credits. It is a best practice model based on the guidelines of the CEFR and the recommendations of the high level group in multilingualism – European Commission – which considers interdisciplinary activities and learning to learn / learning by doing strategies as basic key factors for effective learning/teaching. In this case, it is a blended English course based on a “webquest” with an avatar (Simon) introducing interactive topics (also in edutainment mode), complemented by different types of self-correction exercises and printable games combining language resources, functions and grammar rules with the following 4 subjects/10 units:

 Subject: nature
Grammar rules
marine life - level A2
primates - level A2
sun - level B1/B2
volcanoes - level A2/B1

present simple
comparatives - superlatives
adjectives - adverbs
past simple - past continuous

 Subject: science
Grammar rules
renewable energy - level A2/B1
oil - level B1

countable-uncountable nouns quantifiers
modals - conditionals

 Subject: society
Grammar rules
technology - level B2
recycling - level A2/B1

future - will - going to
present perfect / continuous

 Subject: media
Grammar rules
cinema - level B2
music - level B1/B2

passive – wish
phrasal verbs - verb + ing

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